Landscaper garden support services

Garden all done? Need to move to the next big project? Surprise and delight your customers with our 3 to 6 month garden establishment support service.Once your plants are in and your team move on to your next valuable project, our support team can schedule regular visits over the first 3 to 6 months to ensure that your plants establish well and thrive, by checking on watering and fertiliser levels, and managing weeds, pests and diseases that can ravage new plantings. And how about our 12 month underplanting plan? Once your new garden has established and original plants have grown for 12months, we can recommend and/or provide and plant a range of underplants to fill any gaps and ensure your client’s garden continues to look amazing well into the future. Got a problem with your plants? Send us a photo and benefit from FREE pastoral care advice over the phone from our on-site experts. Call and talk to our team about your next project today.